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Air fried Homemade Potato Chips Recipe

welcome to healthy Kauaitoday in my kitchen. I am telling you how to make healthy potato chips at home why I am calling this healthy is because we will not be deep frying these chips rather.

We will be air frying them so let’s see. How to make these chips at home and the ingredients required for potato chips are unique potatoes. I have taken five pieces of potatoes you can take potatoes as per your requirement this is the scene run amok usually.

Potato Chips Recipe

We use this salt in during fast or even you can use the normal salt and vinegar now what you have to do is you have to wash the potatoes very nicely because I am not removing the peels. I want to retain the fibers of the potato so will cut the potato with the peels using freedom slicer and we’ll be making chips out of it see using a potato slicer makes nice potato chips.

The chips should neither be too thick nor be too thin and there should be of equal sizes you can see we have got me very lovely nice potato chips so in this manner. We will make all of the potato chips and simultaneously you have to take water in a bowl and we will immerse the potato chips in the water so that the chips do not turn black into this water.

We will add little vinegar and we will soak these chips and water for at least 20 15 to 20 minutes another reason why we are soaking potato chips in water is that we want to remove the extra starch from the potatoes so only 15-20 minutes is more than enough after that you have to drain this water. We will wash the potato chips with clean water and then we will boil it after washing with clean water.

We will now add the seen the number of the salt we will mix a salt in water we are doing this so that the salt gets seeped in into the potato chips now you have to boil these potato chips for only two to three minutes on a medium flame you can see the water has started to boil we will now switch off the flame and you will drain the water now. We will drain the water we’ll take a sieve and take cold water again and now we will leave it for one to two minutes for cooling after cooling.

We will spread a cloth on to which we will spread all our potato chips so that all the extra water gets absorbed and our chips are tried enough and in this fashion, We will spread all the chips onto a cotton cloth you can even take a muslin cloth once the Pareto chips are drying it will take approximately 15-20 minutes.  You will take a bow into which we will be adding little-refined oil you can even add olive oil and very gently.

We will mix this oil with all the potato chips so that all the chips are coated with oil to use your hand rather than using any other special or something after that. I will take my air fryer basket into which we will take very gently put all our potato chips and tips hammer tendency of blowing up so you can cover your bucket with a coiled paper or even I have this cover with me which you can also fit in your ear fry basket.

I will now place the fi bucket into the air fryer we have already preheated the air fryer so you have to air fry it at 200 degree Celsius firstly for 10 minutes and thereafter we will see we will shake up in between and then bill air fry it further it’s been 10 minutes now you can see the tips are not yet ready but they are separate so what we do is we again cover it the lettuce font so.

You have to be really really careful after placing the lid we will again place back the air fryer basket and again for 10 minutes will be air frying the chips so now my ear frying is done in total. I have kept these chips for at one 200 degree Celsius for 25 minutes and you have to definitely shake it now we open up the lid it is really very hot and you have to be careful each time you open it and here you can see my lovely air fried healthy potato chips are now ready they are crisp you can hear that sound here are my very healthy and lovely potato chips fried in air fryer are ready to serve.

They are crisp nice and you can have it any time of the day whenever you want to munch anything your kids will simply love it and you can enjoy it too in your office at home anywhere you feel like so try making this healthy potato chips recipe in your air fryer and do share your views with us thank you

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